Certified Appraisal Experts

Decisions Estate and Realty Solutions owner John F Palinkas III is a member in good standing of The Certified Appraisers Foundation of The Asheford Institute of Antiques

The staff of Decisions Estate and Realty Solutions are Certified  and Competent Personal Property Appraisers in Antiques, Collectibles and General Household Goods utilizing the Professional Appraisers Code of Conduct.

 The academic standards for AIA PACC Certified Appraisers are rigorous and 
consisted of over ninety-five equivalent class credit hours The Certified Appraisers Foundation was established in 1967. 

Decisions Estate and Realty Solutions can perform your Appraisals for
  • Insurance Purposes
  • Estate Planning and Liquidation
  • Equitable Distribution

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